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You are a Rose by Bohemian Goddess I Sara Adolfsen

You are a rose

You are a rose, the softest, sweetest, most delicate innocent rose amongst all other sweet roses. Embody Her. Be a Goddess. Bloom with Grace.

As above so below - As within so without

As Above so Below – As Within so Without

How we experience the world, our surroundings and other people is a reflection of what we believe in and what exists in our current reality. It is exactly a picture of ”as within so without”. Our happiness is 100% our own responsibility. If you are not happy, then you are the one, that is not doing a good job! You need to figure out why and fix it, by focusing on what you actually want. We create our own happiness!

Sexual energy is our creative force - Sara Adolfsen

Sexual energy is our creative force

How to cultivate sexual energy and bring more juiciness and pleasure into our lives? How to feel more satisfied and create more abundance? Sexual energy is needed to manifest our true potential and Highest forms of Self through channeling it into higher forms of energy! Yes, you heard me. We are complete human beings, our sexuality is an integral part of it. We can cultivate sexual energy and use it as our creative force. Sexual energy is bomb, when it’s used as a driving force. We can really use this energy to create the life we desire!