You are a Rose by Bohemian Goddess I Sara Adolfsen

You are a rose

You are a Rose…

The softest, sweetest, most delicate innocent rose amongst all sweet roses.

From far you might look similar to the other roses, but when you look closer you’ll notice the variations in tones, hight, in the stem and thorns, the leaves you grow, in the amount, placement, texture and openness of your petals and the divine fragrance you specifically carry, does not compare.

The rose does not compare though. She sees difference as uniqueness and beauty. She knows we all have something to give and share. Everyone is special in their own wayShe sees difference as uniqueness and beauty. She knows we all have something to give and share. Everyone is special in their own way.

Every single one of us, carries a gift, which we sometimes do not see when we look at each other only with our eyes, not with the heart.

What unites us is, that we all have the same possibility to bloom and burst wide open with our full radiance and innermost beauty.

The magic we posess is infinite, but often times not recognized from within. It is the heart that must be seen, it is the heart that has to want to be seen, in order for our true full potential to find its way into the surface and visible world.

This is frightening for many of us – to reveal our soul like this, and to live with our hearts wide open. I know, because I used to be scared to reveal myself, my heart, soul and essence too. I was so scared, that even I myself didn’t know who I actually was.

However, I want you to know, that we can totally access and embody that “full bloom Rose – state” safely, because we have our thorns and they are there for a reason. The thorns protect her, but they’re not there for protection from the whole world. The thorns aren’t there because we’re supposed to feel unsafe in our lives and be so scared, that we hide our full potential. No.

The thorns are there so you could learn to trust your body, your heart and yourself, while revealing your essence and unique fragrance with the world. The thorns when correctly used, they are your natural boundaries. When you learn to trust them as such and trust yourself, they’ll help you know, you’re always protected.

The rose, she knows she can stand up for herself when needed. She has clear boundaries and when not respected, she can use her thorns, not to hurt others, but to show how she needs to be met and honoured, because she as her authentic Self, will always honour you.

The rose, she lives a self illuminating life – moving out from the darkest depths of her closed bud, into a Goddess Queen of Roses, amongst other Goddesses. She blooms without apologies, she owns her beauty, she utilises and ingests her own medicine. Her radiance is something everybody will notice, and it’s actually nothing she does, but how She is – when She truly embodies her own unique sacred essence.

Be a Rose – Be a Goddess – Bloom wide open with grace

Sending Love and Blessings to you Goddess

Reminding you of your Divinity, Sara✨

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