Hello beautiful soul, my name is Sara. Welcome to this sacred portal of sisterhood from my heart to yours. I’m so excited that you are here and for what I sense as curiosity and openness to explore into deeper layers of yourself, your body, mind, soul and psyche. If you choose me as your mentor, guide and coach, I receive this as a gift – A gift to walk side by side with you and witness, as you step into your full blooming power and potential. Now, are you ready to say yes, to your wholeness and divine soul?

Whether you’re feeling called by your inner Goddess, feminine essence or your soul’s purpose, or perhaps the shadows are knocking on your door, ready for integration, or maybe it’s the wild woman within you who is finally ready to break free from the cage you’ve been living in… – I inhale and exhale deeply with a long sigh and welcome you, as you are, into this portal.

If you wish to read a long version of my personal story from breakdown to break through, you can find it in the blog. You can definitely make your mess, your message. However, what I wish to speak to here, is something way bigger…

We live in a disembodied world

For more than 5000 years, the feminine, the Goddess, the female body, her sexuality, the true power of women, has all been demonised. The state our planet is in, the way we treat nature is a sign of the lack of respect there still is, towards the feminine – Mother Earth. 

Before the male God, there was the Goddess, until she was fully stripped away.

…and so now, we still live in a world, that doesn’t support connection to the body, to our sensuality, to our sacred life force and deep inner knowing. As female bodied extremely sensual beings, this is a very painful experience, whether we consciously know it or not. 

Many of us actually learn to rely on and create a false sense of self through a distorted image, of what a woman should be like. We create attach ourselves and our worth to all things external as material possessions, receiving love, validation, admiration, us being effective, hardworking, successful etc. 

We learn about what is good, bad, wanted, unwanted, what is culturally accepted and what is not. We’re not supported to or allowed to trust ourselves, the guidance of our bodies, our feelings and sensations – instead, we learn to live a life from outside in, including taking in all the norms, rules & conditioning from society, culture, religion and the oppressive nature of patriarchy.

The Shadow side

So, we begin living life from a split when we begin to judge, hide and deny ”unwanted” parts of ourself. We push them in the shadow, create coping mechanisms and repeating patterns in order to not meet these parts, that we experienced as a reason  for neglect, that we were bullied about or shamed for. We internalise the experience of being without love because of ”how or who we are”, and so, the self becomes fragmented. 

We can not show up as a whole anymore.

In our aim to receive love and approval from the outside, we try to change ourselves, to be somebody else/ something else. We start to dim our own light, we make ourself small in order to fit in. We try to make sure and become obsessed about, trying to control what other people feel about us. We do everything not to upset anybody, that we don’t “step on anybodies toes” or make anybody feel uncomfortable, becoming people pleasers. We ultimately do this with our own expense, through neglecting our own needs, truth and boundaries.

What happens in this process also is, we shut down, we close ourselves & our heart. Trying to be something that we’re not, takes a lot of energy and creates energetic blocks within our body. Life force won’t flow freely as we do this. We loose our sense of self. We disconnect. We loose our aliveness and we can actually become so distant from our true Self, that we start to believe that being “that something else”, being disconnected, numb & disembodied is “normal”.

We forget what it feels like to be in our bodies full sensual capasity, feeling all of life – what it feels like to actually be ALIVE.

It might be evident and almost needles to say, that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to live a satisfying, fulfilling, pleasurable life like this.


look at the joy, aliveness & innocence of children. This is us – all of us when we’re born into this world.

This is what “gets lost” through the conditioning that we absorb along the way…but don’t you worry, it’s actually not LOST. It’s all within you. We just need to be reminded – to turn within.

Your body & sensuality is sacred

Your body is sacred.
Life is sacred.
The body and life is inherently sensual,

and this does not have anything to do with sexuality.

Sacredness and sensuality is about meeting your true self and life in the present, being in the direct felt sensed experience of this moment.

It is about coming back to the body.

Coming home,

and creating safety within to feel all of you.

It’s about building capacity to be with self, to be with the body, with the full range of sensation and emotion — with both pleasure and pain.

Being with the exp itself is very sensual, because it has to do with the senses. sensations are the language of the body.

Where the embodiment & somatic work comes in…

Only by slowing down, connecting within and allowing the body to speak is we’re able to hear its true voice & you’ll come into contact with Who-you-truly-are as a whole, as a whole woman & whole human being.

But first, we need to create somatic safety, within the body, bringing in more capacity to feel, so that you can then access even more, of who you are.

I’m here to be a gentle guide who supports you in your process of self discovery, re-connection or, creating an even deeper connection to self.

I’m here to reminds you of who you are and what is actually possible for you.

I’m here as you reprogram and decondition – as you remember…

Discomfort & pleasure go together

No matter what the sensation and feeling is – all is sensation and feeling all is about our capacity to be present with the body.

In order to be able to explore the deep depths and highest of highs of both our shadow/underworld and our pleasure, we need a safe space to do this.

– Our capacity to feel discomfort in our body equates to our capacity to feel pleasure and joy – It’s all connected to how much aliveness we can handle in our bodies, our capacity to feel and be with the feeling. –

I’m here to hold an

open space of possibility where you can safely explore,

pointing you to your internal light towers, in the middle of a storm. I’ll walk side by side with you, as you reclaim your power, your wildness, your childlike awe, wonder and erotic innocence.

I am here to witness You Bloom!

Lastly, from a deeply connected space, where you embody your wild and free divine nature, you can basically create anything you desire! This is all within you already.

“The only way to deal with an unfree world, is to become so absolutely free, that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

– Albert Camus


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In service of Love Midwifing wholeness & liberation

Sara is a Feminine embodiment, Soul Purpose coach and soon to be Somatic Educator for Women.

She has dedicated her entire life for personal growth in order to share her insights and wisdom to help others find freedom and the place of their soul’s highest evolvement.

She is currently doing a training to become a Trauma Informed Somatic Educator for Women (this includes: Trauma resolution, nervous system health, somatic psychology, shadow work, somatic dance therapy, body intelligence, deep feminine mysteries, the erotic, sexual sovereignty, menstrual cycle wisdom and art, decolonization, non-dual meditation and embodied leadership).

Sara has previously done trainings such as: Certified Dharma/ Soul’s purpose Coach, Certified Spiritual coach, Yoga teacher training, Peter Hess: Sound bath- and Singing bowl sound healing, Rose Priestess one year spiral. She is also a Certified Nurse, eco-beautician and has done extensive studies in Functional Medicine, specialising in healing/ balancing the gut & hormones.

Additionally, she is a passionate writer and she loves to create beauty around her where ever she goes. She has a special place in her heart for nature and prefers to live amongst and in harmony with it. She has inherited the gift of foraging wild food from her mother and loves to share about edible plants and flowers too, so there is a little green witch in her as well. Her creative soul thrives in sunny warm weather and that’s why she chooses to live abroad, currently in Bali, with her family. Summertime she spends in Finland, where she is originally from.

What excites her the most is the infinite potential life itself withholds and the endless opportunities we as human beings have to create the life of our dreams. Our dreams are in fact our soul’s whispers and part of our dharma. Sara is obviously also extremely passionate about the Sacred Feminine work and arts, and how we can through somatic embodiment practices come into contact with, activate, liberate and awaken dormant parts of ourselves, remind us of our true wild, free and divine nature, come back into wholeness and live a life of fulfilment, love, pleasure, joy and purpose. Freedom & liberation is her “big why” and what truly drives her. When we realise our freedom & potential – the possibilities life itself has, that’s when the world will become a better place.

“I will not rescue you, for you are not powerless.
I will not fix you, for you are not broken.
I will not heal you, for I see you in your wholeness.
I walk with you through the darkness, as you remember your light.”

– Unknown (A medicine woman’s prayer)