What is Feminine embodiment,
Somatic & Soul purpose coaching?

This is a homecoming, a reclamation of your own medicine. It’s a space where you’ll call all lost, forgotten and disowned parts of yourself back home, to You – reclaiming your wholeness. It’s a journey and pathway into inner and outer alignment, a sense of safety within, of love and deep fulfilment. This is a pathway of remembering your innate feminine power, your organic erotic innocense, which is not tight and closed up, but fluid, alive, open and free.

Are you...

• feeling numb, stressed out, stuck, confused, overwhelmed or lost?

• yearning to know yourself more deeply?

• at a crossroad, seeking clarity and direction, wondering where to go next?

• holding on to insecurities, limiting beliefs, fear, shame or guilt around yourself,

your feelings and/ or your body?

• feeling disempowered and yearn to have more confidence

to follow your heart and fulfill your dreams?

• struggling with taking action and making a shift?

• leaning into your spiritual path and seeking more depth in your life?

• overdoing, overthinking, overachieving, more in your masculine energy and

feeling confused about how to trust or tap into your feminine essence?

• confused about what all of this means uniquely for you?

Do you perhaps also feel...

• there has to be more to this life, than what you are currently experiencing,
but you’re unsure what to do next?
• you’ve “had enough”. You know you can’t continue the way you have, you have to make a change, or take a leap of faith and you’d would love to have
someone supporting you on this journey in making the shift?
• You’re called to make a difference in this world, but you’re not completely sure
yet what this actually means, or looks like for you?

 I’ve been there too…
The time has come to move from feeling numb, powerless, stuck and lost, into claiming
the fullness of who you who are, remembering your feminine wild nature, pure soul
essence, reclaiming your wholeness & live your life, in your own way, which is authentic, true and unique for you. 

It’s time to awaken the Goddess within, fulfill your wildest dreams
and live your unique soul’s purpose.

Take the feminine embodiment & soul purpose journey with me

The Spark & Bud

The spark is the seed for the fire within you. It holds the potential for a full blown fierce life! The spark is the seed, that holds the promise for all life, and know, that you already have everything within you, to create the life your soul yearns for, the life of your dreams. That spark can be a vision, the curiosity you have to “know more”, seek for truth, or “become more intimate with self & life”. The spark is your wildest dreams whispering about your soul’s full blooming potential. The seed has the potential for all growth. It has everything it needs to reach for the heavens, and for its gorgeous flower to bloom. This is the first step. You need to make the choice not to settle anymore for anything less, than what you actually deserve and what you’re truly here for. Nobody else, can take this step for you. Are you ready to be turned on by life and your own wholeness?

Are you ready to Bloom?

Do you feel a pull to work 1:1 with me?
Fill in the application below first.

The Flame – Bloom into who you are

1-2 days retreat/ intensive (6-12h in total ) 1000-1780€ (incl. 24% tax)

Recommended when you prefer an in-person experience. This is for you when you’re really ready to make a shift in your reality. You want to make improvements in one or several aspect of your life & have clarity on how to move forward in order to discover and truly live the life you want, as well as embody your soul’s purpose.

Right now, you might feel somewhat lost, stuck, confused and/or unsure about what you’re meant to do in your life and what your soul’s purpose – dharma is. You might also feel disconnected from your body and feminine nature. What you do know is that there is more to this life, more to You, and you are determined to figure this out! You’re basically not ready to waste your life and settle for anything less, then what is possible for you.

At the end of this mini-retreat, you’ll find yourself more connected to yourself, to what you desire, to your true power, creative & manifesting potential.  You’ll discover a new layer of depth and connection to your feminine essence, innate body wisdom and your unique gifts. You’ll also have more clarity about your soul’s purpose and what you’ve come to share with the world. You’ll walk out with a clear action plan on how to cultivate more of what you yearn for in life and what to do in order to move forward and live your dharma.


The Flame - Blossoming into your full radiance

3 month journey (1h x 12 sessions) 1999€ (incl. 24% tax)
Recommended when you’re deeply yearning to live a life of wholeness, as well as your dreams, embodying your unique self and feminine essence, awakening the Goddess within and living your soul’s purpose.

At the end of this process, you’ll transition from where you are, into being strongly connected to yourself and your truth. You’ll have the possibility to reclaim your wild innocence, your sensual nature, embodying your feminine essence, just as she shows up currently in this present moment. You will be stepping into your true power, feeling more alive, free, aligned and in tune with life and your soul’s purpose, then before.

How it works?

Increasing awareness, building connection, creating somatic safety & capacity to be & be with All Of You

Building a solid foundation. Exploring the deep depths of self. Connecting to Self & your body intelligence. Alchemy is available to us, whenever we turn within. We’ll be dusting off, peeling layers and letting go of the conditioning of culture, society, religion & patriarchy, making space for the real You, to emerge and come forth. This includes shadow – & somatic work, releasing limiting beliefs, that which is still keeping you stuck, playing small, locked in and contained in a box. We’ll move very very slowly through this process, at your own pace. I’ll guide you as a bridge in between, but You, will lead the way.

Clarity on core values, visions, passions & goals, building your Goddess empire -> Aligned action - > stepping into your power

In order to take aligned steps to create the life of your dreams, first we need to create
clarity around what it is you actually desire and yearn for. We’re done “just” dreaming. Now
it’s time to start creating your own reality sitting in the front seat, steering your life
towards your greatest potential! You are the Queen of your own empire! We’re done
playing small! No dream is too big to be birthed into reality. Ultimately we lead, with our hearts. It’s time to shine, Goddess!

Embodiment, wholeness & living your purpose

As we reclaim our birthright of erotic innocence and aliveness, we’ll begin to live, love, walk, be and breath this deep inner work we’ve done so far. You become your own medicine. You’ll begin to live the codes of inner and outer alignment, following your hearts deepest callings, experiencing fulfilment, pure joy and a profound sense of wholeness.

Nothing can stop you, but You!

I see you, I hear you, I witness and support you, as you reclaim the truth of who you are and remember the unique song and dance of your feminine heart. Are you ready to call in all parts of self into wholeness and rise in your power Queen? I welcome you complete and whole, as you already are.

Time to awaken the goddess within and live your soul’s purpose.

With all my love,


Sara is a Feminine Embodiment, Spiritual Life Coach and Soul Purpose Coach, with a long background in health care and holistic health. She is currently studying to become a certified Trauma Informed Somatic Educator for Women.