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Sexual energy is our creative force

Sexual energy – Something juicy cause it’s weekend✨

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has been going on. I’ve been active on social media, but not on my blog for a while. I feel though, I might have an itch to write a bit more again next year here on the blog too. But as for todays topic, I’d like to share and write about sexual energy.

I feel we need to be able, to talk about everything. There is so much resistance, shame, fear, guilt and akwardness around sex, sexuality and sensuality. I believe now is the time to bring it all out, all the shadows into the light. We don’t need to hide anything anymore, right, you agree? We need to heal as a society and start with ourselves. Today I felt inspired about sexual energy as our creative life force.

Sexual energy – Life force energy

Sexual energy is a powerful force. When it is used consciously, it can be a great catalyst for spiritual growth and healing by surrendering to it, to yourself and your body as a whole. What a waist if we are not fully capable or able to enjoy our bodies, sex and sexual energy, cause THIS energy is also needed to manifest our true potential and Highest forms of Self through channeling it into higher forms of energy! Yes, you heard me. We can cultivate sexual energy and use it as our creative force. Sexual energy is bomb, when it’s used with good intentions, as a driving force.

Sexual energy shall never be used to intentionally hurt or manipulate anyone. It shall not be channeled from addiction or ego tripping on the expense of others. Nor shall we let anyone harm us or be disrespectful towards us. The responsibility is always shared. To begin with, sexual energy creates life, that is how powerful it is. We can also use this energy to create the life we desire and so much more! How to cultivate sexual energy and bring more juiciness and pleasure into our lives? How to feel more satisfied and simply create more abundance into our every day lives?


How to activate sexual energy and keep our juices flowing:

Meditate. Begin your day with meditation. Yes, it all starts from within you, the connection, this bond you have with yourself, and how you feel within and in your own body. Connect to the sexual, loving and spiritual aspects of you. Sexual power is not separate from anything. Meditate, pause, breathe, connect and feel… Sexuality is actually very much connected to spirituality.

Hug for at least 20 seconds or longer. Hugging releases Oxytocin, our bonding hormone. It reduces stress, anxiety, lowers blood pressure, increases happiness amongst other beneficial things! It’s great, it’s amazing! You can actually feel it, when you just relax, breath and pause a bit. Tell all your friends about this too! We really need to hug each other more, no actually, LONGER! Let´s make long hugs a norm! Who is in?

Hormones – well when we already started on this topic, lets continue. Hormones are signaling chemicals that are produced and secreted in our endocrine system, mainly in our glands, in our brain, hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal and the adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, parathyroid, testes and ovaries. Other hormone producing organs are our gut, kidneys and adipose tissue.

Hormones regulate:

  • metabolism and appetite
  • mood and stress
  • sleep cycles
  • heart rate
  • sexual function and reproductive cycles
  • general growth and development
  • body temperature

This means, lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, lack or too much exercise, a stressful lifestyle or mindset, unhealthy relationship with self or others, may cause hormonal imbalance. As a whole and as complete beings and for flowing sexual creative energy, we need to concider all of the above.

Balance and harmony within our body and mind goes hand in hand with great abundant creative energy. Hormonal imbalance can cause stagnation and block our energy flow. Gut health and microbiome affect hormonal balance and specific nutrients act as hormone precursors as well. Por diet and gut health alone can be linked to hormonal issues.

All forms of hip movement, like for example dancing – for me this works like magic. Ever tried a salsa, reggaeton, kizomba, belly dance or twerking class? If not, now is the time!

Anything that makes You feel beautiful, basically like a Queen (or King) – DO IT! DO it NOW High heels, lipstick, bubblebath, dressing up, you name it! For Kings, just do your magic too!

Create! Let this energy loose!! Let it move through you, let it move you, dance, sing, paint, write, knit, draw, do your make-up, your hair, color a mandala, take pictures, pose, make handicrafts, garden, pick flowers or make a bouquet. Why not even go to an art class or workshop!

Send a lovenote to your partner, or seduce him (if it’s usually him). Or if you are single, try smiling or blink at a random cute guy in the street – basically, not because you want anything from him – don’t expect a smile back, just do it because you CAN and it’s FUN So what if he doesn’t smile or blink back. That’s not the point. Let go of expectations. The point is, you are allowed to feel good about yourself, and when you do, you should show it, not hide it, EVER! A simple smile, can make anyones day, at least your own and you can enjoy yourself. The ”worst” case here, you might just get a date for tonight

Self pleasure – Yes, stroking, touching, kissing, tasting, feeling, sensing, sniffing, playing, just looking… or masturbating…mmmm…what ever pleases you, give yourself a treat here and there, when you feel like it. Think sensual, think sexy, think pleasure and satisfaction Think about what you like. You’ve got it, all the magic, you can self pleasure anytime I mean, make it simple, just simply sniffing a flower or eating a delicious piece of raw chocolate can make me extremely happy any time! It does not have to take that much time, a man or always an orgasm to make me feel fully satisfied and pleased. Do what makes you feel good!

Explore sacred play and build erotic energy with your partner – don’t rush. Playfully experiment and relax. Instead of thinking, sense. Be fully aware and present in your body. Awaken touch, taste, smell, play with movement and tune into each other. Surrender to arousal, seduce and let yourself be seduced. Try different and new things that increases your sensitivity, that gives you goosebumps, tingles or surges warmth! This will increase your experience of both pleasure and intimacy. Ultimately sex and orgasm is an exchange of energy between two people. Be mindful of the energy you put into lovemaking and sexual interactions. Intention, mood, energy – all play along. Remember play is just as powerful. Orgasm does not have to be the goal. Use play in your everyday life to basically have more fun!

Conscious sacred lovemaking, sacred space and true emotional intimacy with your partner – next time try this. Take time. Just hold each other, feel, breath – together, synchronize your breath. Connect. Connect. Connect. Move slowly. Build and cultivate sexual energy together, let it rise and fall like waves. Let it wash over you, let it drip like honey, let it move you. Surrender to Bliss.

Try expressing your feelings and your desires naturally. Show it in how you look at each other, how you breathe, in words, in sound and touch Be playful. Yes, sex actually increases sexual energy, BUT sex without truly connecting with your partner, might be like a coffee without (I’ll not say sugar or milk, because I don’t do that) I’ll say coconutmanna (cause I like it like that). You get my point. Unless, you really like black coffee, then thats ok too. But, unless you never tried coffee with coconutmanna, could be, you are totally missing out on something special and when you try it first time, you might be like – Why didn’t I know about this? Why didn’t anyone tell me? This is way better than any regular coffee!! You might not ever want to return to just black coffee anymore… or then… you’ll totally enjoy it once in a while… I mean, if you just want a ”quick fix”

Anyway… enjoy your coffee sweeties and create more magic into your every day life! I promise, you’ll notice a difference.

Bring out the Creatress and Creator within You! Let it flow!

Mantra and Affirmation for owning your Sexual Energy: I am a vibrant sexual being. I will allow myself to surrender to my pleasure. I will cultivate and use my sexual energy and power with respect and care. I will surrender to the bliss of my body and sensuality, to giving and receiving love.

Xxx Sara

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