Sara Adolfsen Introduction

Reintroduction time

Hi loves today I want to reintroducing myself, my work and what I’m passionate about, because I feel reborn.

My name is Sara, I’m originally from Finland, I’m 38, a mother to precious Jupyter who is almost 2y old. Our family lives in Bali.


…is in health care, where I worked as a nurse for 10 years, however in order for me to be healthy, happy, fulfilled and ultimately as free as possible, able to utilise and share all my gifts, I needed to release myself from the western high pace toxic energy run society, create a heart-lead path of my own outside of the limiting projections of patriarchy. I decided to stop wasting time, fulfill all my dreams, so I quit my job and became a fulltime soulpreneur in 2017. Burnout 2012 was what originally ignited my path of full-on transformation. My mothers death 2016 was another huge turning point. Now becoming a mother has been the most recent one.


Long time ago, I’ve let go of ”titles”, yet I’ve never felt this at home within one.

This has been a homecoming for me, which is also a core intention of my work.

Soma is Greek for body, therefore somatics is working with the body, sensation and feeling. It’s interwoven with the present, that which is here and now.

In 1:1 sessions and group facilitation we work with the present-felt-sense, and what is showing up right here in this moment. Why? Because we carry all our history (herstory) in our body.

However, in order to go deep, first, we need to feel safe, to feel. So, in sessions my top priority is always to support my clients to feel safe.

This is also part of being trauma informed, which means I understand how trauma develops. I can recognize trauma and have tools to support and respond to trauma.

My work is additionally person centered, meaning: I hold space, but You lead.

Currently I don’t take new clients, however you’re already able to apply for future 1:1 sessions here.


I’m also the owner/ designer for my brand @bohemiangoddessshop

Bohemian Goddess is created for women to feel more empowered and liberated within temselves and their expression. I wish every single woman on earth can feel like a goddess, because to me, that’s what we are!

Today my brand includes divine adornments, both clothing and featherjewelry in particular amongst more!


Through my own disconnection, severe body image issues and insecurities, I’m now supporting women through different mediums, to connect intimately with themselves, their body, sensuality, their innate aliveness and wisdom. Ultimately the intention of my work is to support women to feel more at home within themselves and their body, feeling fully alive, blossoming into their fullest potential. I believe embodiment is key, for wholeness and a full blooming life.


I love nature, Finnish forests, summer and sun, writing, being in creative flow, healthy food and living, raw chocolate yum, fresh flowers, researching and reading about feminine herstory, goddess tales and myth, as well as therapy & taking full responsibility of self, deep connections, authentic relating and transparency.

I’m so looking forward meeting many of you this summer!

If you want to connect, please reach out through the contact page on my site, through email or social media.

Sending my love.